We respect the environment

MA PETITE BRASSERIE SAS has been, since its creation, concerned about its impact on the environment.

We have chosen products exclusively manufactured in Australia and New Zealand in order to minimize the carbon footprint due to the transport of our goods to New Caledonia. Similarly, most packaging is recyclable (metal cans, cartons, etc.), and the products are reusable for many years (fermenter, PET bottles, caps, accessories, etc.).
For those who wish, we recover the empty cans of our FWK Bacchus Brewing to recycle them from individuals or associations (transport or storage of drinking water or watering, etc.). You can also very easily turn them into mini-fermenters (by adding a faucet and bubbler) to test your own recipes and/or variants before producing them in larger quantities.

We have also chosen to deliver to our customers with a hybrid vehicle, which emits much less CO2 per kilometre than a petrol or diesel vehicle of the same category.

MA PETITE BRASSERIE SAS also supports the CALEDOCLEAN association so that it can carry out its missions of reforestation and cleaning of our island. Visit the association's Facebook page for more information: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/Caledoclean/
If you have a little time do not hesitate to invest yourself at their side to make our island cleaner and more beautiful.
You too support the Caledoclean association!

Let's build our country, let's save energy.

If you try, you've got it all figured out!