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    • copy of Morgan's American Ale Yeast (15g) 1213.592233

    Alcotec 48hr Carbon Turbo Yeast (283g)

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    Alcotec 48 Carbon Turbo Yeast is a specially developed extra pure variant of theAlcotec 48 - the world's best-selling turbo yeast. Like theAlcotec 48 itself, it is based on a "pure" yeast strain which is a distillery strain with high alcohol content, temperature tolerant and a very precisely composed nutrient. But we did not stop there, we also added here a mixture of high-specification activated carbons to push the limits of purity and odorless fermentation. Precisely compound nutrition, containing its own nitrogen source, pH regulator, trace elements, vitamins and an antifoaming agent, it is the perfect yeast compound to create a fermentation with a high alcohol content of up to 20%, but it can also be used for ultra-fast fermentations at 14% alcohol.


    1 x Alcotec 48hr Carbon Turbo Yeast (283g)

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